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We are dedicated to providing our customers with the most up to date battery servicing and charger/analyzer maintenance information. Book-mark this page and check back regularly for the latest information available. Please contact us with your technical questions by phone, fax or e-mail at

General Topics:

Christie Manual Revision List
Battery Shop Set-Up Guidelines (nickel-cadmium batteries)
Thinking about purchasing a used/surplus RF80H?
Ni-Cd Battery Troubleshooting Tips
Series Charging & Discharging – Tech Article – January 2007

RF80-M vs. SuperMasterCharger


RF80-K Service Bulletin SB# SB040907-001, Lead Acid Discharge Values, April 2007
RF80-K Service Bulletin 081808, Battery Electrolyte Contamination
RF80-K Service Bulletin 082808, Use of NAVAIR 17-20-AX-930
RF80-K Service Information Letter 092308, Operation without Battery Connected


CASP Service Information Letter, February 2013 – CRITICAL CALIBRATION INFORMATION
CASP Service Bulletin 27-April 1994
CASP Technical Bulletin – Entering Battery Serial Numbers – December 2006
CASP Service Information Letter, September 2021 – Memory Corrupted or Checksum Error


DataFX Product Bulletin 01-Dec 2005
DataFX Users Guide 10-Aug-2006
DataFX Service Information Letter 18-Feb-2009

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