We are an Authorized International Factory Repair Facility and Warranty Service Center for all CHRISTIE Aviation Battery Servicing Equipment. Our Service Center in Phoenix Arizona USA is equipped to support the following models shown below.

Click here for RMA form now required for all repairs and calibration

RF80-M Charger/Analyzer
RF80-K Charger/Analyzer
*Universal 60 Charger/Analyzer
*RF80H Charger/Analyzer
*RF80 G/T Charger/Analyzer
CASP/1200 Battery Support System
CASP/1500 Battery Support System
CASP/2000 Battery Support System
CASP/2100 Battery Support System
CASP/2200 Battery Support System
CASP/2500 Battery Support System
*CASP1 Battery Support System
*CASP/1000 Battery Support System
DataFX Cell Monitor
ABMS-4, ABMS-8, ABMS-10X Battery Management System (ABMS)
AB3000 Controller
*Fill-Master FM262E Automatic Battery Watering System

*Note: On models listed above with *, limited spares are available due to component and/or product obsolescence. We do provide telephone and email support, and spares if available, but no longer provide repair and calibration services on these models at our Lake Forest Service Center.

All equipment should be shipped to our USA Service Center prepaid, door-to-door, including customs and local delivery fees. Please make sure all equipment is properly packaged, protected and insured. Please contact us if you require an RF80 shipping crate be sent to you in advance.

Calibration services on all above models is available and traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology with the limitations of the institute’s calibration services. The test equipment used for calibration are in compliance with ANSI/NCSL Z540-1. Unless otherwise stated, the standards used for calibration have a minimum accuracy ratio of 4:1 or greater than the item listed above. Environmental conditions during calibration: 40-60% humidity, 65-72 degrees F.

We maintain an inventory of common CHRISTIE components and spares, allowing us to offer our clients reduced lead times and efficient, reliable service. We supply hardware, software, and maintenance automation products for all elements of battery shop operation.

Click here for RMA form now required for all repairs and calibration