R-400 Ground Power Unit

The Model R-400 is a static 28 Volt DC Ground Power Unit designed for electrical and mechanical simplicity, physical ruggedness and component accessibility, all contributing to highly reliable operation, ease-of-use and easy maintenance.

The R-400 accepts three-phase, 50/60 Hz, 208/230/380 or 460 VAC Input Power, allowing the unit to be used virtually anywhere in the world. Built-in safety features include heavy-duty thermostats in the input control circuit, which are designed


for thermal overload protection, and automatic shut-off by an airflow sensor in the event of fan failure.

The robust design of the R-400 heavy-duty power transformer ensures easy handling of high-current demands, without compromising reliability and long life. Multiple taps on the transformer secondary allow the output voltage to be adjusted, and a resistor network permits the output current to be limited. These functions are conveniently controlled from the front panel using multi-position switches.

The R-400 DC Output is fully filtered to eliminate ripple voltages and spikes from entering avionics, and to suppress RFI energy produced by the transient generating circuits to better than MIL-STD-461A.

In addition to its highly rugged construction, the R-400 offers the user many ergonomic and convenience design features such as separate, easy-to-read voltage and current analog meters, and large, pneumatic rear-wheel tires for ease-of-mobility on the ramp of in the hangar. Additional standard features include a 115 VAC convenience duplex outlet for accessories, lighting of power tools, and side cable hooks for storage of input and output cables.

  • Christie Reliability & Long-Life
  • Weatherproof Package
  • Wheels/Casters for Mobility
  • 2,000 Amps Peak for Turbine Spooling
  • 400 Amps Continuous
  • Adjustable Output Voltage
  • Adjustable Output Current Limiting
  • Worldwide, 3-Phase 50/60Hz AC Input
  • Rugged Analog Meters
  • Easy-View Slanted Front Panel
  • Convenient Cable Hooks
  • Automatic Thermal Protection
  • Fan Failure Protection
  • RFI Suppression
  • Remote ON-OFF Capability
  • Easy Maintenance Access
  • CE Approved p/n 121834-003


Size: 32.7" Wide x 28.5 Deep x 45.5 High Weight: 460 Pounds (209 Kg)

Electrical Input:

Input Voltage: 208/230/380/460 VAC, 3-Phase, 50/60 Hz Input Current: 40 Amps at 208 VAC and 18 Amps at 460 VAC

Electrical Output:

Output Voltage: 28 VDC Nominal Output Current: 400 Amps Continuous, 2,000 Amps Peak for Turbine Spooling