MA950 CASP Interface Software

The NEW MA950 Charger Management System is a PC interface for the Christie CASP/2500 and CASP/2000 series charger/analyzer. It provides active remote PC control, graphic monitoring of battery processing and convenient download, upload and editing of internal CASP parameter tables.

  • Compatible with CASP/2500 and CASP/2000 (For CASP/2500 specify MA950-2500)
  • User-friendly PC Interface
  • Multiple Unit Operation on Single PC (4 stations)
  • Active Remote PC Control
  • Real Time Graphing Data Logging (all processing reports auto-saved to battery database)
  • Parameter Table View, Print, Edit, Upload and Download

System Requirements: For MA950, the CASP/2000 must be firmware version 6.1X.  Windows XP, 7.  For MA950-2500, the CASP/2500 must be firmware 7.1X. Windows 7, 8.1 and 10. A 4-port compatible USB-Serial Adapter, DB25M to DB9F serial cable and DB25 patch is included for proper serial communications.