AB910E CASP Printer Emulator

This software program will automatically capture your CASP printouts instead of using an EPSON dot matrix serial printer. The printouts are converted to JPEG files which can be viewed, saved, printed or e-mailed as attachments. Up to 8 CASP units may be connected to a single PC (one serial port is needed for each CASP). Software includes installation CD and one RS-232 interface table. One software license per PC installation.



  • New V1.0b29 Update is WinXP and Win7 Compatible
  • No more jammed printers and missed battery servicing reports
  • Automatic filing system records battery serial number (if entered) and task code (charge or discharge)
  • Printing can be accomplished from the file menu including charge/discharge plots and table dumps
  • Text Capture of the charge/discharge plot information is available (file, view text capture) and a text editor allows the user to enter custom information
  • Com port number is displayed on the main screen for applications where multiple CASP units are being operated on the same PC
  • History function allows you to page forward (Ctrl +F) and backward (Ctrl +B) to view all completed charge/discharge plot within a service session
  • The file name being currently viewed is shown on the top of the application window.

As the CASP generates consecutive printouts during a battery servicing function, each printout will be automatically saved in the “Captures” folder.  If desired, any file can be loaded, and then saved under a different file name created by the user.

System Requirements:  A PC with at least one serial (com) port, running Windows 2000, XP or Vista.  A 25-pin male to 9-pin female RS-232 serial cable is required to connect your CASP to the PC.

The following CASP models and firmware is supported:

CASP/2000L, H and HM version 5.0
CASP/2000L, H and HM version 6.1
CASP/2500H version 7.0